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Foreword: Attention, it’s getting serious

Why such a serious article on sty.ma? Have you seen our configurator? If not, look at it first. Now. This is important.
Now that you’ve done it (good) we can keep talking.
We found that the more options you have, the more difficult the decision and the greater the fear of regretting the decision. For example, how many options are available to you when you configure a sty.ma? I mean, how many different bags can you make from eight leather colors, four lining colors and five individually configurable areas?
16,384 bags.
Conversely, does this mean 16,383 ways to order something wrong?
No, wrong thinking. There isn’t just one color combination you’ll like. There isn’t one perfect bag that will make you happy (I hope your luck depends on other things anyway and not on a bag).
It has been proven that the more products are offered, the lower the purchase rate. People seem to be overwhelmed by diversity and their freedom of will. Then why do we offer so many colors, parts and combinations? Of course, we don’t want to shoot ourselves in the leg, but simply offer you something new, colorful, beautiful, cool and high-quality. If you don’t want to take advantage of that and you feel uncomfortable, because you might, maybe, theoretically make a mistake… Then we can’t do anything about it.

Then you are missing out on something. But hey, think positively, someone else will be happy about a sty.ma.

Since we are nice people and want to spare you this suffering, we have decided to write this article to help you hopefully.

Making decisions and being happy with them

Have a wide choice; take the best combination of the possibilities offered; actively and definitively opt for it; be satisfied and fulfilled. All within a reasonable timeframe. And without any new white hair. This is the optimal development of a successful decision-making process. Unrealistic? No, absolutely possible. Why then do many people find it difficult to make decisions and not have regrets afterwards?

Why decisions are hard

As human beings, one of our priorities is to be happy.
In our imagination, there is often only one way that leads to happiness. Just a decision that will lead us to this path. Statistically, however, this is not the case.
Visually, you can imagine it as the hyphae of a fungus (if you don’t know what that is, you can see it on the first picture): you have an underground strand with different arms and many branches.
Some strands separate and eventually find each other again. Some end up very far away from the fruit body, some end up in a ball. Finally, everyone supplies the fungus with water, nutrients and minerals.
Without branches, a fungus would not grow.

The parallel to our decision-making? Any decision taken leads to further decisions.
All lead to a result and thus to a teaching point. That’s a good thing. But it gets better: several of them lead to a good result and even to personal happiness. So how likely will your decision add value to you??
There is nothing like THE optimal situation, everywhere there is a bit of luck and a bit of sadness.
What makes the difference is your attitude.

The Power of Attitude

This subject is very delicate. First of all, I would like to say that I am not addressing the many brave people who are fighting the hard fight against mental illness. The following lines are addressed to everyone else.

A positive attitude is a choice, not a natural attribute. A negative attitude is not a predestination.

Whoever wants to be happy can be, because it does not depend on the current situation.
Ever heard of hope, love, faith, peace, patience and kindness? This comes from the inside and is the basis for a positive attitude.
Now we become romantic: a garden of beautiful, colorful and fragrant flowers.
If you take care of your garden, it will take care of you at some point.
A positive attitude also helps in decision-making.

If you are not afraid to regret something, you won’t be scared to change your life.

When you know that you can have the strength to be satisfied in any situation, you are not afraid to lose anything.
Take it easy, you will get somewhere, because as a well-known proverb says:

“All roads lead to Rome”


More importantly, every decision taken is a step forward. You have learned something!

“You get as old as a cow and you’re still learning”

Clever German proverb

And since no one is perfect, it will also happen that the result is not what you want, but no decision is the last. So off the post using our how-to list!

How to make smart decisions

  1. Weighing the pros and cons

    Don’t be selfish, think of others.
    Will someone else take advantage of it?

  2. Thinking about possible results

    How will it affect my environment?
    Will it still matter in three, five, ten years?
    Is it in line with my morals?

  3. Enjoy that you even have the opportunity to decide about your life.

    Age, that’s not a small thing. Think about it. Not everyone has this privilege.

  4. count to three

    Relax and regain strength before the storm comes.
    Maybe you will think of something spontaneously.

  5. Choose one thing

    Come on, actually you know what you want.
    If not, then try to exclude one of the available options. Would you miss it?
    What you don’t miss is not yours.

  6. Finished

    You can exhale and enjoy.
    Well done!
    Every time it gets better and lighter.

Now it’s your attitude, see the good in the result. Most likely, it’s what you wanted. And if it’s not, it can still be.
Your luck is behind the corner, just a few branches away.

A choice without agony.