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Back to the roots

How long ago was it since you had the art lesson in third grade? Painting colorful pictures with classical music in the background. Chatting with the person sitting next to you. Happy to be able to go back home soon with a growl in your stomach
For me it meant not to get the worst grade (fine art was never my strength) and my teacher to endure the Maestra Marilina(I think at least now you can guess who the Italian of the gang is).
Eventually it was over with finger painting and toe-drawing and then came the theory. One subject that has found residence in my head is the science of combining colors. Admit it, that’s more or less the only thing you also have in mind from that time! At least when I say primary, secondary, complementary colors and color circles, you know what I’m talking about.
Who would have thought that something we learned at school would actually be useful!

When do two colors fit together?

Three terms

Primary colors: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Only these colors could exist and all other colors could be derived and produced from them.

Secondary colors: Red, Green, and Blue. Composed of two primary colors together.

Complementary colors: You take a primary color (e.g. yellow) and make the complementary color by mixing the other two primary colors (cyan and magenta). The result is violet. Purple and yellow are complementary colors.

Tadaa, the theory is presented above in a color circle.

Color circle according to Itten, 1961

Now only two sentences.

“Opposites attract”


“Equals do NOT attract each other”


Physics itself proves that opposites attract. the + and – Magnets, Protons and Electrons, Homer and Marge Simpson.
It is not different with colors either: complementary colors fit together well.
Now imagine wearing a lemon yellow shirt, ochre-colored jacket, khaki pants and a sand-colored tie. If you’re a giraffe, that’s PERFECT. Otherwise you should let it go. Similar shades are very difficult to combine.
Black and white are the jokers. they neutralize the war of colors and make your work more pleasant for the eyes. Think of penguins, they could have an orange beak, because they are only white and black.

If you’re smart (I strongly assume that because you’re on our website) you’ll put together a color palette with two quiet ones (including black, white and gray) and one or two brighter tones. This can only be mental, but this makes it easier for you to choose your daily outfit for example.
Not everyone necessarily has to do it like Steve Jobs.

How to design a colorful leather bag?

Now we’re specifically looking at bags. With the colors available to you at sty.ma, you can create countless bags (I’ve heard of 16,384 possibilities…). Here (LINK) you will find the favorite combinations of the team.

But you don’t have to copy, do your own thing. You can do it.
Or just take our template, we don’t really care.
With the following steps, you can easily design a successful bag.

A leather bag as you like

  1. Occasion

    When will you carry the bag?

  2. Palette

    What color should it be?

  3. Pattern

    Mono color – just one color
    Accent – mono color + an extra color in small or small areas

  4. Goal

    What do you want to represent?
    How do you want to feel?

Now try, have the courage to make a decision and wear your own design. Share your ordered bag with us e.g. on Instagram #stymabags! We are also happy to copy you.

Here you can start designing your own bag.

Have fun!